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Taking vocal lessons with Tolieth taught me so much! Tolieth was my first vocal coach and laid a very strong foundation on which I continue to build to this day. I like to think of my time with her as my gateway to vocal success. She challenged me and catered to me as a visual learner in every area of our lessons. Because of her instruction, I have gone on to be a valuable member of my church's worship team and have also gone on to expand my vocal ( and musical) repertoire. As one of Tolieth's students, you'll definitely be in

good hands

Deron Browne


I took voice lessons from Tolieth for a few weeks when I first joined my church's praise team. Tolieth's knowledge of how I could harness my mixed voice was a game changer. I still wonder how I'd been around choral and gospel music all my life and either sung in head or chest, but I never learned about the mixed voice. Tolieth brings those kinds of "next level" golden nuggets to each student. And her care, compassion, and desire for her students to succeed not only vocally but in life is second to none.

Wiljeana, Singer/Songwriter

Before taking voice lessons with Tolieth I was not confident in my voice! Tolieth believed in me and she pushed me out of my comfort zone. She has a way of challenging you but it’s with grace and you feel loved and supported. I can honestly say my voice has improved and matured because of Tolieth! She also encouraged me to write songs even when I didn’t think I was a good writer. She practiced with me even with my own songs until I got comfortable. Also prepare to have fun and laugh a lot during lessons with Tolieth... She wants you to really love what you do!

Jessica Greene

After I had my son, I lost all muscle memory and pretty much 'forgot' how to sing. It was so much work and I was constantly hoarse. Tolieth taught me how to sing again. She helped me to unlearn bad habits and taught me new habits that have made singing more enjoyable and natural for me. She had such intuition about where the issues were coming from and really listened to what I had to say and used that to create solutions specific to me

Atinuke Babalola

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