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To start things off... My college alma mater is Berklee College of Music where I majored in Music Business/ Management. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raise in Fairfax, Virginia where I grew up in a Christian home. That being said, the first musical influences in my ears were “The Clark Sisters, The Pace Sisters, Shirley Cesear, John P. Kee, and some others.

However, Whitney Houston became the inspiration for my love of singing. I wanted to sound like her and obtain her poise/finesse. My Aunt would tell me how I would clear the coffee table, climb up, and sing my heart out. From there my mother sent me to voice lessons and my natural talent blossomed. My love affair with singing/music is unbreakable. Having encounters
with several types of genres fueled this love affair. Neo-soul, Classical, Reggae, hip/hop soul, Pop/Rock, and Jazz. You name it, I was stuck like glue and all five senses were taking it all in. My hunger for music grew intensely. Music became like the air I breathed. I knew that I was created to use it to heal the mind, body, and soul.

If I could use Gumbo as an analogy, I would say that the mix of genres has produced an Inspirational/Soul artist. The messages in my songs are inspirational, the vibes of the music are smooth yet groovy, along with my soul stirring voice which leaves you feeling calm and free. I introduce you to me. The singer, songwriter, vocal coach/vocal producer, and author. TOLIETH (to-leeth).

Fun Facts:
• I have opened for artists such as Fred Hammond and William McDowell.
• Stay tuned for Tolieth’s Debut album to be released next year.

Smooth  + GROOVY

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